The "Proektom" company provides the following services:

  • development of design and working documentation for construction, modernization and reconstruction of telecommunication networks and facilities;
  • development of conceptual designs of telecommunication systems;
  • survey and evaluation of technical condition of building structures, engineering networks and structures, base stations;
  • performance of individual sections of the design documentation;
  • technical audit of telecommunications networks and facilities;
  • supervision of construction and installation and commissioning.

We develop projects:

  • large hybrid (in the scale of the city) and small (cottage) cable TV systems (analog and/or digital) with simultaneous access to the Internet, including antenna ports, the head stations, brownies distribution networks, data centers, fiber-optic communication lines, power network;
  • local area networks (LAN) and Ethernet networks for large urban areas (WAN);
  • the ground segment of satellite systems for the transmission of television signals and data transmission systems;
  • fiber-optic, wired and wireless communication lines;
  • modernization of existing cable and hybrid (HFC) networks;
  • systems of collective reception of television signals (SCPT);
  • structured cabling systems (SCS);
  • passive optical networks (PON)
  • telecommunication networks (telephones, computer network, dispatching, radio, TV (analog and/or digital) of residential and administrative buildings, offices, hotels, shopping malls and complexes;
  • joint suspension of telecommunication networks on poles of power lines(power lines)
  • base stations for mobile communication (CDMA, GSM 900M/1800M);
  • power supply systems, lighting, local power plants;
  • large video surveillance systems (in the subway, in the stadium, on the streets, in public transport, car parks, etc.) and small systems (house, office, apartment, etc.);
  • multimedia systems (scoring, conferencename etc.);
  • the access control systems (office, company, hotel, etc.);
  • of fire alarm systems.
  • automatic fire alarm and warning systems;
  • automatic and Autonomous fire extinguishing systems;
  • the mutual arrangement of equipment (for example, antennas, cabinets with electronic equipment for various purposes and power equipment, boxes, boards, kabalnov), foundations for small buildings atypical shape, cable ducts, cable laying on the posts and on the roofs of houses.

The development of special sections of projects:

  • labor protection;
  • organization of construction;
  • assessment of the impact on the environment;
  • development of construction documents using licensed software complex AVK.

Development of design and working documentation is carried out by certified specialists with regard to the existing on the territory of Ukraine to the requirements of norms and rules, with the use of special computer programs to perform the necessary calculations and selection of equipment produced by the leading manufacturers in the world. Thanks to our engineers who have been vetted and have the relevant qualification certificates, the company "Proektam" guarantees the implementation of quality projects within certain time limits.

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